Hug a Stranger at BYOB Perth

This is a video art piece I shot and edited for “BYOB Perth” (Bring Your Own Beamer) a video projection night to share video art with others. I wanted to see how hard it would be to match two separate shots placed side by side as well as experiment with super slow motion post production effects.

It was shot with a canon 7D with a tokina 11-16mm f2.8 lens using a glidecam 400HD.

To get the shots I needed to match together I would have to do several takes from each side of the walkway of each subject walking until I had a shot I felt I could work with. But in reality that was harder then it seemed as it was a working train station and near a busy night area there was always people walking around. As any unintentional background extras would ruin the split screen timing effect. I just had to wait until it was clear and go for a take. In the end I only ended up with one good shot from each side. Luckily that was all I needed.

Music: Ulrich Schnauss – A Song About Hope

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