Oil in a glass shot with a canon 450D DSLR

A test video of oil poured into a glass, shot on a canon 450D DSLR using EOS Camera Movie Recorder. You can see me adjusting the focus at the start of the video. The sharpness is really good for a DSLR that isn’t ment for shooting video! This is made possible through exploiting live view on the video camera. The software (link below) captures every frame from live view through usb from the camera stright to your computer at 848 x 560. This resolution is pretty good for a video camera that lets you change lenes and have complete control over iso and aperture.

Software can be found here: valexvir.narod.ru

A few quick iphone photos of the setup I used.



Oil in a glass shot with a canon 450D DSLR from Luke Brooks on Vimeo.

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